Springtime is the perfect time for an Irrigation Checkup

Springtime is the perfect time for an Irrigation Checkup

Springtime Irrigation Checkup

Getting your irrigation system ready

Springtime is the perfect time to get an irrigation system checkup since it has been turned off all winter. Calling a professional is the best way to make sure your system is ready. They will have all the parts for any needed repairs.

Irrigation System / Sprinkler System

Most people call an irrigation system a “sprinkler” system. To clarify, irrigation system and sprinkler system are the same thing. It means your grass and bushes get watered by a system of rotors, spray heads, or drip line. The rotors, spray heads, and drip line are all part of the “zones” in the irrigation system. Zones make up the different areas of your yard receiving the water.

Irrigation System Check

You’ll need to do a run through of all your zones to make sure everything is working properly. First, you need to make sure your systems timer is plugged in or has batteries. Power on. Second, you check that all the heads popped up. Third, make sure they all have water spraying out of them. Then check they are all pointed and spraying in the best direction to cover the area designated to water. Finally, make sure there are no leaks or low pressure areas anywhere around the heads.

Green Irrigation Systems

Go green by having a rain/freeze sensor for your irrigation system installed. A rain/freeze sensor monitors rain and freezing temperatures. For example, your system will not run when it has rained because of the rain sensor. In addition, if the temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the system will not run because of the freeze sensor. You know you have been driving and seen that person who had their irrigation running when it was raining. That system didn’t have a rain/freeze sensor. This sensor saves you time and money. You will no longer have to turn off your system manually when you anticipate rain.

Irrigation Installation and Repair

Irrigation installation and repair is a landscape service we offer at Todd Rudisill, Inc. Installation means you need a new irrigation system installed in your yard. Repairs mean you need some repairs done on an existing irrigation system. Regardless if you have a repair or need a whole new system, most professionals do both.

Contact us today for your springtime irrigation checkup. Check out our photo gallery for pictures of the other different types of landscape services we provide.

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