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Professional Landscaper in Greenville SC

Todd Rudisill’s love of landscape design began long before he thought of becoming as a professional landscaper in Greenville SC. As a child he could often be found out in the yard, doing things to make it look better. As an adult, he and his wife lived for four years in Europe (Munich, London, Paris and Milan) where Todd fell in love with the manicured gardens and landscapes that are so prevalent in that part of the world.

Training in Landscape Design and Horticulture

When he and his wife Sonia moved to New York in 1995, Todd enrolled in the New York Botanical Gardens Landscape Design Program, where he earned certificates in both Landscape Design and Commercial Horticulture. During his training he worked with several prestigious design firms in the New York area, which provided hands-on experience that enabled him to take his talents to a new level while working on challenging and innovative projects.

Achieving the Dream of Professional Landscaping in Greenville SC

In 2001 Todd and his wife decided to move to Greenville, SC and start their family. Todd grew up in North Carolina, and his wife is from Greenville, so it was the ideal place to “get back to his roots” and be close to family while doing the work he loves, being a landscape designer. That same year, Todd founded Todd Rudisill, Inc.

Todd is passionate about landscape design and is committed to keeping up-to-date with current trends and best practices. He attends industry seminars and educational classes on a regular basis and incorporates the techniques and knowledge he gains into his designs, ensuring that his clients receive the benefit of the most innovative methods and ideas. Todd is also a member of several professional associations, which is another means of staying current with the latest trends in Greenville and around the globe.

“Green” ways for your landscaping¬†

Certainly one of the hottest trends in recent years is environmentally friendly or “green” design. Todd always makes a point of offering clients ways to make their new yard “green” in both small and large ways. For instance, when installing landscape lighting, Todd recommends energy-saving LED bulbs for the system, which last longer and use less electricity. Irrigation systems come equipped with rain sensors, so they don’t run during or immediately after a rainstorm, saving water. He can use organic soil and compost when planting as well as environmentally sensitive fertilizers and weed control methods. By incorporating these elements naturally into the design, Todd makes sure your lawn is not the only thing in your yard that’s green.

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Todd Rudisill Inc., professional landscapers in Greenville, SC, providing a range of services including design, landscape installation, irrigation, landscape lighting, lawn maintenance plans, etc. To learn more, please visit our Services page. There is no job that Todd is unwilling to tackle! He loves a challenge and loves making yards beautiful.

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